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We only have 16 days of school left! Which means I am starting to freak out a little, okay a lot.

I really wanted to work with Owen this summer before he enters Kindergarten. He learned so much in preschool this year, I don’t want him to suffer from summer slide.Summer Slide Image

To keep him in tip top shape and have fun while doing it I’ve planned some fun activities for this summer. Some are educational and others are just for fun. I’m planning to share the printables and other things we’ll be doing a little each week. So keep checking back. I’ll also be updating and linking post to this calendar here. Make sure and bookmark the page for easy reference and sign up for our email updates so you’ll know when I post new materials.

All right, now that all the administration stuff is done, I wanted to share the first FREE printable.

Animal Activity CardsClick here to download a PDF copy of the Animal Activity Cards

During the Summer I try to plan a weekly playgroup on Friday mornings. The kids normally just run around with each other and do their own thing while expelling copious amounts of energy, but sometimes I like to try a short activity for the first half. It stops us from breaking out the wine before at least 10.30; although, I’ll admit there have been times I’ve opened the door already holding a glass… summers are hard.

These animal cards seem like a fun activity to get the kids up and moving plus they tied in with our monthly theme for June – Nature. I could not find a set I liked online with a working link so I made a set for us to use. The cards were designed with our week 1 – Bugs theme in mind, but I’m sure we’ll be using them multiple times over the summer.

After you print the 3 pages, cut out your cards, and you’re done! It’s that simple. If you are like me and planning for extended use get them laminated. Staples or Office Max will laminate them for just a few dollars (depending on the thickness you pick) or you can even laminate them yourself with self-laminating sheets. Buy a lot or just a few for only a couple of dollars. No expensive machine needed!

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Review – Little Chick’s Bible

We don’t have any super small children in the house, but I absolutely loved this Little Chick’s Bible when it became available on so I requested a copy.

The Little Chick’s Bible is a soft, cuddly Bible that children age 2-5 can call their own.  Throughout this plush-covered book little ones learn that they’re loved and cared for by God as they hear about God’s faithfulness in stories from the Old and New Testaments of the Bible.  With sweet, rhyming text and colorful illustrations, this soft and cuddly character storybook Bible is sure to become a classic with preschoolers

This little bible is so cute, the outside is super soft all the way around so small children can chew on it, which we all know they will. The little beak even moves up and down as well as the little wings too. It is just so soft and cute.

The inside of the Bible has a a short poem about a bible verse on one page and then a full page image on the following page. You get eight verses and pictures that are on heavy duty pages so they can’t rip or bend with little fingers.

The Little Chick’s Bible is just super cute, I can’t say it enough. This would be a great gift for any new little ones you need a present for, but I think it would be exceptionally cute for Easter this year. I think it’s the chick, it just says Easter to me. And there is still time to get an order in on Amazon and receive it by Easter, if you need any last minute gifts.

But if you aren’t feeling the chicken theme they have a similar product in different animals. Check out the rest of them.

The Sheep
The Lion
The Bunny


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REVIEW – It Will be Okay: Trusting God Through Fear and Change by Lysa TerKeurst

A few months ago we received a copy of It Will be Okay by Lysa TerKeurst from to read with Owen. We really love this little story and the great illustrations. Since we’ve had our copy it’s been one we’ve read at bedtime on more than one occasion.

Whether we like it or not, growing up brings change. For many children, this conjures fears that are sometimes real and sometimes imagined. How can kids learn that even when they face new and unfamiliar situations, they don’t have to be afraid?  

Little Seed and Little Fox are facing changes and brand new circumstances—and they don’t like it one bit! Through this unlikely friendship, children will discover that no matter how new or fearful their circumstances, God is always with them. The whimsical art by Natalia Moore will put a smile on kids’ faces and put their minds at ease. Just as Little Seed and Little Fox learn to trust that the Farmer is good and kind, children will also learn to trust God. 

Written by New York Times bestselling author Lysa TerKeurst, It Will Be Okay will help kids discover that the end, it really will be okay because we have a God who is good and kind and always with us.

It Will be Okay is a super cute story about trusting God through fear and change. It Will be Okay tells the story of Little Seed and Little Fox, two friends who go through times of change and periods where they are lonely and scared. With help of the Farmer (God) the two friends are able to get through their troubles and continue to be happy.

I thought the story was a great and subtle way to tell a story about God being with us at all times, even those when we are scared and alone. But it isn’t just the story that I enjoyed, the book is full of double page full color pictures which help keep children interested in the story.  The font isn’t just black text on a white background, the color, font, and size all change in places relative to the story. These small details help you convey the proper voice while reading.

The story is a little long so it might be more suited to an older child, but my four year old was able to make it through most of it. We really enjoyed this story in our house and I’ll be looking for more books like this from the author. You can pick up hardcover and kindle editions from Amazon, but the price difference between the two is minimal so I would suggest you spare the extra few dollars and buy the hard cover edition, it will be worth it.


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Working on it Wednesday – Candle Burning Tip

This weeks post might only be exciting and useful to those that are slightly OCD like me.

We’ve all been there right, you’re walking past a beautifully smelling candle in your kitchen and look over to notice it is not burning evenly. At first you can ignore it but every few passes you find yourself looking over at it again and slightly scowling. Before you know it, you can no longer smell the once beautiful candle because all you can see when you think of it is uneven wax going up the sides and a burn hole right down the middle. Not only is it wasted candle wax (and smell!) but the sight is starting to make you twitchy.

I can’t be the only one who  has had this problem right? Okay, so maybe I’m the only one that had this problem and let it bother them this much, but it couldn’t be helped. In the past I’ve purchased all those little top warmers that Yankee Candle promises will help the wax burn evenly. They look so pretty and they do work to a point but not enough, I needed to go full gorilla warfare on my current candle collection.

candle tips

My solution? Every day tin foil. I used a longer piece and rolled it around the top of the candle and down a bit on the sides to help keep the heat in. Be care NOT to wrap it around the top of the candle or let it fall in toward the flame. (See picture two) We don’t want any fires on our hands.

This has worked like a charm and I only have to bring out the tin foil every once and a while to bring the candle back to it’s nice and even burn level. Other times I can keep the cute little tops on.

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Recipe Monday – Raspberry Filled Butter Cookies from Tidy Mom

I am in a cookie mood this week, which is too bad because I need to be in a cupcake mood so I can make up the batch I owe Matt’s office.

Anyway, since it’s recipe Monday and I have cookies on the brain I wanted to share this tasty looking recipe from Tidy Mom. I am seriously starting to love her blog. Such good stuff.

You can find more pictures and the recipe for Raspberry Filled Butter Cookies on her site here.

Image from Tidy Mom

And don’t forget to check out all the free cookie recipes we have in the crafts database.

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Working on it Wednesday – Little Turtle

 It feels like it has been forever since I’ve been able to crochet, but I’m getting back into the groove of things around here and have whipped up some projects over the last few weeks.

The first I want to share is this Tiny Two-tone Turtle by LucyRavenscar. Little O, was getting scared having to leave me at drop off for pre-school. By the end of the day he’d tell me what a great time he had, but the mornings were hard…. for all of us. To help him adjust a little I made up one of these tiny turtles (he loves turtles) and he was able to take it to school with him each day as long as he kept it in his pocket.

It definitely worked and now Carrots Jody, don’t ask me where he gets these names, has a special place in his backpack every day.

Here’s my version.

Little Turtle

Now here is your chance to get in on the link ups. 

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6 Free Crochet Cowls to make tonight

I don’t know how the weather is where you are, but it is cold here in Michigan.

Now seems like the perfect time to make a quick cowl to help keep warm.

Here are 6 of my favorite designs right now. You can find all of the free designs we have listed on our Cowl page here found on the Crochet At Play database. These are patterns from different designers and blogs all over the world. I know you can find something you’ll like.

Until then check out these six…

CowlsFrom top to bottom – left to right

1. Cilantro Cowl from Fiber Flux  

2. Braided Cowl from Grannysquaredontcare  

3. Chunky Ribbed Cowl from Cre8tion Crochet  

4. Woven Cowl from My Crafts with Love

5. Fake Knit Cowl from Loopsan    

6. Key Lime Neck Wrap from Fiber Flux  


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5 Easy Crock Pot Recipes

Recipe Monday again!

This week I want to highlight five crock pot recipes from our Craft database. Remember you can find all of our recipes here. And if you have a free recipe listed on your blog and would like to add it to our database you can do so here. It’s free to be listed and search our database.

Now, let’s get to our recipes. There are some great ones found on even better blogs.

Crockpot1. Easy Crock Pot Chicken Taco Bowls from Yummy Healthy Easy  

2. Crock Pot Chili Mac and Cheese from Repeat Crafter Me  

3. Slow Cooker Ravioli from Kitchen Meets Girl  

4. Slow Cooker Pumpkin Pie from The Country Chic Cottage  

5. Slow Cooker Taco Chili from Shugary Sweets


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PROJECT – Cheap & Easy Card Holder

I actually made this project last year, but this seemed like the perfect time to share it.

We needed a place to hang all those holiday cards we get every year and I needed it to be quick to make, cheap, and easy to store the other 11 months of the year.


CardholderI don’t have picture directions for you, sorry. But this is super easy to make up.

You’ll need.
1. Wrapping paper of a design you like
2. Buttons
3. Ribbon
4. An embroidery hoop  
5. Wooden clothes pins or if you want a really easy project buy colored ones.
6. Hot glue and stick glue

6 Items and 5 steps

Step 1: Cut out sections of your wrapping paper to match the size of your clothes pins. Glue on with stick glue (set aside to dry)

Step 2: Using hot glue affix the buttons to the clothes pins (On the handle part). Set aside to dry

Step 3: Once dry attach your completed clothes pins at equal lengths around the embroidery hoop. Let dry

Step 4: With your ribbon, cut a small piece, and glue end together to make a loop. Glue to the top of your hoop. Attach button to top if you wish

Step 5: Cut a longer selection of ribbon and attach to the bottom of your hoop for extra card display

That’s it.

The entire project, including drying time took me about an hour. Easy right?

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