8 FREE Children’s Mitten Crochet Patterns

I don’t know about anyone else, but it has gotten seriously cold in Michigan over the last few days. And now it’s snowing. Brrr.

Now that Owen is in pre-school they go outside to play twice a day which if you’ve guessed where this conversation is going means we’ve already lost one hat and two sets of mittens. Well technically we’ve only lost 3 mittens I have a random one on the floor of our car. It’s going to be expensive to keep him gloved up this year, especially when most of our stores are already sold out of their knit selection.

Thankfully, for those of us that can crochet we have an easy solution.. make our own. While on a hunt to find quick and cheap to make mittens I thought I’d pull a few of my favorites and share them here. Remember you can see all of our wear weather patterns on CrochetAtPlay.com

Here are my top 8 mitten patterns for children

Childrens mittens

Iron Man Gloves on Craftown.com

Fox Mittens from Yarnspirations   

Rainbow Mitts for Maia by The Green Dragonfly  

Pawa Pals Mittens on Ravelry  – Lots of different animal options!

Bear or Kitten Mittens from Red Heart  

Captain America Gloves on Craftown.com  

Kitten Mitts from NyanPon.com  

Family Mittens on Lion Brand – For an easy, simple, and quick pattern that works up fast and has lots of sizes.

Let’s hope that if his gloves are cute it means he’ll be less likely to lose them….a Mother can wish right?


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Crock Pot Chili Mac and Cheese from Repeat Crafter Me

It’s officially winter here in Michigan which means it is time for me to begin my hibernation period. I’ll cook a lot of crock pot meals during this time (and I’m working out a menu idea as well).

If you’re like me and like anything easy, especially those meals prepared in a crockpot then check out this Crock Pot Chili Mac and Cheese from Repeat Crafter Me.

(Image from Repeat Crafter Me)

And remember you can find lots of great crock pot and other recipes on CraftsAtPlay.com

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Conrad and the Cowgirl Next Door Review

Conrad and the Cowgirl Next Door by Denette Fretz and illustrated by Gene Barretta is part of The Next Door Series. You can find book one, The Pirates on the Farm here.

I received a copy of this book from the booklook blogger program, but all my opinions are my own.

“I hear that becoming a cowboy can be dangerous.
Especially if you don’t know the rules.
I don’t know the rules.
”It’s a good thing Conrad brought his Mega Ultimate Extreme First Aid Kit to Uncle Clint’s ranch because learning how to be a cowboy turns out to be a lot harder—and more painful—than he thought. Conrad has a lot to learn – including don’t squat with spurs on and never wave your red sweatshirt at a bull. But the biggest challenge of all is dealing with Imogene Louise Lathrup, the know-it-all-cowgirl next door. When Imogene shows up, she is all too happy to point out Conrad’s shortcomings.

In this follow-up to their  debut hit Pirates on the Farm, author Denette Fretz and illustrator Gene Barretta team up once again to tell a humorous tale about what it means to love your neighbor. 


** AMAZON **

This was a really cute story and it kept Owen’s attention while we were reading. The graphics are a full page spread and have lots of bright colors. The story was a cute one about Imogene and Conrad.

Conrad find some interesting ways to get in trouble on the ranch and of course Imogene is there to ‘help him out’ with the rules. All in good neighborly ways of course. No, really Imogene is pretty dark annoying and quite honestly mean. At least Conrad has his first aid kid so he’s safe from most of his mess ups.

Stride Rite

The story is suppose to teach children the concept of Love Your Neighbor and I guess I can see that. I don’t know if I would have picked that out as the theme without that warning, it’s a theme more subtly done through the story and the ending.

Overall it was a cute story and I enjoyed the Poetical vocabulary at the end of the book. Doing those poems may have been the part our family enjoyed the most while reading.

I’m giving Conrad and the Cowgirl Next Door 4 Stars and a recommendation to check it out if you think it might be something your family would enjoy.

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5 free Crochet Halloween Treat Bag patterns

Check out these five Halloween treat bag patterns that are completely free. If you’re looking for something a little different, check out all of our Halloween designs in the Crochet database here.


1. Shaped Pumpkin Treat Bag by Libilou Creations

2. Skull Trick or Treat Bag by Yarnspirations

3. Boo Halloween Bag from craftown.com

4. Halloween Pumpkin Treat or Trick Bag from Petals to Picots

5. Halloween Treat Bags from Lion Brand Yarns


And for more inspiration check out these other post with even more Halloween Patterns.
Click on the image to be taken to that post.


   Crafts Halloween 2013Crochet Halloween 2013











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Goodnight Ark by Laura Sassi & illustrated by Jane Chapman

There are only a few days left (less than 8) until school finally starts for us this year and then I’ll be around FULL time. I’m super excited to see what we can come up with in the AtPlay universe.Skunk

Until then I have a few book reviews I want to share with everyone to help pass the time. It’s also a feature I’m hoping to have on a weekly basis. Sometimes we’ll discuss children’s books at others books for us (recipes, cook book, self-help) whatever comes up at the time. If you have any suggestions feel free to let me know them through email or the contact form.

Today I want to show everyone Goodnight Ark by Laura Sassi & illustrated by Jane Chapman. I LOVE this book, we received our copy from booklookbloggers.com late last month and have read it probably fifty times since then. It is quickly becoming a household favorite.

Goodnight Ark tells the story of Noah and one restless night on the ark. This is not a story you would use as a Bible lesson as it’s more fun than factual, but I think it’s a great tool to use to introduce children to the story. When kids are young (as ours are) we like to keep things light and fun and that is exactly what this story is.

The pictures are full page and double spread. Translation= all the white space is filled with pretty stuff to look at.

Goodnight ark Book

Also notice how the font changes within the text to play along with the words. This is great because it helps parents remember to change their voice while reading to reflect the story Micechanges. It also shows older kids who might be learning to read how your ‘voice’ should change as you read varying sentences. There is nothing more boring for kids than monotone bedtime reading. Where’s the fun in that.

I also love the illustrator, Jane Chapman and will be looking for more of her stuff in the future. The way she depicts animals (at least in Goodnight Ark) is realistic yet still cartoonized, which I really like. Plus they are just adorable. Did you see the skunk at the Tigerbeginning on this post? And what about the little mice in the paragraph above? Oh, and there are tigers too!

Owen’s in a big turtle phase right now so I think we’ll be looking into getting a copy of One Tiny Turtle.

*I received a copy of Goodnight Ark from Booklookbloggers.com. The opinions of the book are completely my own.

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Working on it Wednesday

Did you know there are only 64 days until Owen goes to preschool? … not like I’m counting or anything.

Until then it seems my daily fate rest in some form of painting with him and then at some point him painting himself. If never fails, I’ve given up trying.

celery painting1

This is us (well him) painting with celery. First we cut up the stalks to use in our crock pot meal that night then I let Owen use the end to paint for a while.

We’ve been painting with textures lately. Everything from aluminum foil to now celery.

I’m thinking of investing in this Young Artist Texture Painting Set but haven’t bitten the bullet yet. He has a birthday coming up soon, so we’ll see.


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Friday Finds 6.27.14


Here’s our Friday Finds for 6.27.14

Remember you can find all the free patterns we have listed in the database on each site
Crochet At Play
Knitting At Play
Crafts At Play

and you can get even more updates and connect with the community on our twitter and facebook pages.


Crochet At Play


1. Itty Bitty Alligator from Craft Fox 

2. Little Maleficent Baby hat from A Crafter XD

3. Cluster Burst Granny Scare from Petals to Picots

4. Sock Monkey Baby Booties from Cre8tion Crochet

5. Brimmed Baby Hat from Patterns for Crochet

Knitting At Play


1. Peach Old Shale Shawl from Nittineedles

2. The Pirate Queen’s Booty Bag from Knit LIke a Pirate

3. Scrubbing Bath Mitt from The Purl Bee

4. Heart’s-Ease Boutonniere from Knitty

5. Awesome Zombie Hat from Jane’s Knit Designs

Crafts At Play


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Disney Go Green

I had the chance to review Disney Go Green this week. I love the idea of making our family and home as green as possible. We all have to do our part, but let’s be honest I want to do my part without having to go to the extremes likes cloth toilet paper. Hey, we all have our limits.

Go Green is a new brand of Disney books, encouraging families to lead a sustainable lifestyle. It is however not only a line of books but an opportunity for families to spend time together. The book This first Go Green book is for everyone whether they are new to the concept of sustainability or someone who’s lifestyle is green. The books three main focal points are; explaining sustainability in a simple and fun way, putting the concept into perspective for children and families and to show easy and fun steps to take in the green direction. All through the book are tips and fun facts connected to sustainability and the reader will find that a few easy steps will take the family in a new direction. Chapter headings These are a few of the chapter headings, with a reservation that the wording of them might change slightly: Go Green with Mickey What is the circle of life? Fun and active lifestyle! Exploring the world! Why recycle? Growing our own greens

I was expecting Disney Go Green to be more of a listing of tips on how to save money and go green like so many books like this are. Imagine my surprise when the book is written more like a book than just a categorized list.

The book goes through various ways to take your family green, but also why these things are a good idea. I really liked this aspect because for younger readers it will help them see the impact their choices have on others.

There are some really great ideas in Disney Go Green, but it’s not a picture book or other “fun” reading you could take to bed time with you, which is more what I was expecting with Disney in the title. With that said I think the reading may be a little dry for some of those same younger readers and yet a bit condescending for adults.

I’m not quite sure which age range it would be the perfect read for, but possibly more for a student writing a report for class or trying to green their family of their own volition.

Check out Disney Go Green on amazon and see if it might be something that would benefit your family in your quest to be more environmental friendly.

My copy was provided by netgalley.com in exchange for an honest review.

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Working on it Wednesay 6.15.14

I finally remembered what I wanted to share last week that I completely forgot about.

I’ve had quite a few people ask me about what the bookcases we built last year look like full of stuff. Remember this project?

BeforeandafterWell over the last year I’ve been slowly filling it. You won’t find any really cutely decorated shelves like some people do. 1. I’m not that great at “decorating” in that sense 2. We have a LOT of books 3. Because of 2, these shelves needed to be very functional for us.

Here is what the shelves look like right now

Bookshelves doneOwen took up quite a bit of the space for his books (Has the bottom six on all sides) therefore we couldn’t fit many of our own books. We still have 8 shelves full of books in our basement. I think this means I need more shelves right? Since this was so easy I’ve been contemplating a built in for our bedroom, but I’m worried what that will do to our resale value in a few years. It will make it so there is only really one place you can stick the bed.

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